Autodesk Revit 2021

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What's New?


  • PDF and Image Linking
  • Cloud Model Hosting in Europe
  • Improved BIM 360 Project Navigation in Revit Home
  • Customized Revit Workspace
  • Row Striping for Schedules
  • Infrastructure Discipline and Bridge Categories
  • Dynamo 2.5 Installed
  • New Dynamo Revit Nodes
  • Enable View Filters in View
  • Rotate Tags with Components Improvements
  • Voids Cut Family Geometry Type and Instance Parameters
  • Consistent Linestyle Naming
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  • Generative Design
  • Real-time Realistic Views
  • Slanted Walls
  • Revit to Inventor Linking
  • Sun and Shadow Refinements


  • Create New Standard 3D Rebar Shapes
  • Couplers for Arc-shaped Rebar
  • End Treatments without Couplers for Rebar
  • 3D Solid Fabric Sheets Visualization
  • Override Hook Lengths by Instance
  • Integrated Precast Automation
  • Integrated Steel Connection Automation Nodes in Dynamo for Revit
  • Integrated Structural Analysis Results Exploration
  • Steel Object Editing Enhancements
  • Create Stiffeners on Beams and Columns
  • Insert Steel Elements in Vertical Views
  • Dimensions Snapping to Steel Plates


  • Electrical Circuit Naming
  • Single Phase L-N Panelboards
  • Switchboard Circuit Quantity
  • Switchboard Circuit Phase Selection
  • Panel Schedule Nodes Listed Under Sheets in Project Browser
  • MEP Worksharing Enhancements
  • P&ID Modeler on BIM 360 Docs
  • New Pipe Flow Units (and Units Framework)
  • MEP Fabrication Extension Integration