Helping Organizations Realize the Greatest Benefits of BIM Services in Florida

When it comes to BIM services in Florida, nobody is approaching them with the same level of skill as the team at DDSCAD. Our company is dedicated to helping building and infrastructure design professionals, contractors, engineers, and owners realize the business benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM). We know that as they get to understand this impressive technology, they will be able to reach their goals more quickly and economically.

Our consulting experts are here to guide organizations through the business and process changes, along with the technical challenges inherent in implementing and adopting BIM. As a result, our clients are able to accelerate their return on investment in Autodesk technologies. Contact us today to learn more about our BIM template creation services, Revit standards manuals, or other BIM services.

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Technology implementation


- BIM (Building Information Modeling)

- CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

- FM (Facility Management)

- GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

BIM Assessment

- Company Analysis

- BIM Mandate

- BIM Plan

- BIM Contract Language

- Criteria for the Selection of BIM Projects

BIM Standards Development


- Standards Manual

- Supports Files

- Process, Procedures, & Workflows Documentation

- Modeling Techniques

BIM Modeling

- Paper to BIM

- Laser Scan to BIM

- Interference Check

- Quantity Takeoffs

- Construction Schedule

- Progress Control

- Content Creation

BIM Management


- Project Setup

- Project Configuration

- Interdisciplinary Coordination Meetings

- Project Mentoring

- Audit Reviews

- Production Assistance

BIM Training


- InfraWorks

- Revit

- Civil 3D

- NavisWorks

3D Visualization


- Renderings

- Walkthroughs

- Virtual Reality

Technical Support


- Virtual Reality

- Shadowing

- Best Practices Documentation


Conceptualization and Analysis


- Existing Conditions (Laser Scan)

- Planning

- Programming

- Logistics

- Site Analysis

- Estimates

- Projects Approval

Design and Documentation


- Design Analysis

- Design Development

- Design Validation (Code & LEED)

- Coordination

- Quantity Takeoffs

- Estimates

Management and Construction


- Coordination

- Quantity Takeoff Validation

- Schedule (Planned Vs. Curred)

- Constructability Analysis

- Value Engineering

- Cost Tracking

- Progress Control

- Payment Requisitions Validation

- Field Verified Shop Drawings Model (Laser Scan)

- As Constructed Model

Maintenance and Operations


- BIM Commissioning

- Attribute Definition

- Model Preparation for Assets Management

- Asset Definition & Organization

- Systems & Services Verification

- Equipment Verification

- Performance Base Line Definition

- Asset Criticality

- Priority Repairs Definition