Ariel Rejtman – Page 9 – DDSCAD | Digital Drafting Systems
November 23, 2020

Creating Dynamic Stamps in Bluebeam Revu

Sealing a drawing with a stamp can be a tedious process, especially when stamping multiple sheets in a PDF set with time-sensitive information. Bluebeam Revu’s stamps […]
November 17, 2020

Replies & Alerts with Bluebeam Revu

Communication is important when coordinating markups and requesting changes. Instead of relying on emails, phone calls, and other external communication, Revu has efficient ways of preparing […]
November 12, 2020

Layer States with AutoCAD

AutoCAD’s layers allow us to categorize objects and organize them into groups. We can take this concept and use it on a larger scale by utilizing […]
November 4, 2020

Layers with AutoCAD

Our drawings can contain hundreds of objects. We can use Layers to categorize our objects and modify them as a group. The Layer Properties Manager lists […]
November 4, 2020

Layers with Bluebeam Revu

Some documents are complex and contain multiple markups for different disciplines and design milestones. We can group these markups into Layers that function similarly to layers […]
October 27, 2020

Bluebeam Revu for Government – Webinar

Join our Bluebeam Certified Instructor and AEC Technical Specialist, Ari Rejtman, as he demonstrates how to do the following: 1. Develop best practices for digital reviews.2. […]