Autodesk 3ds Max Certification


An Autodesk Certified User in 3ds MAX demonstrates 3-D modeling software skills to start a career in the game, film, or motion-graphic industries.

An Autodesk Certified Professional in Autodesk 3ds Mas showcases their knowledge and skills with 3-D modeling software to build a career as a game, film, or motion-graphic artist.

Exams are currently administered online only
You will be required to submit photos of your state-issued ID, workspace, and keyboard for verification before testing. Exams must be scheduled at least 1 week ahead (and pending the proctor’s availability and are offered from 10 AM to 6 PM EST on at the top of every hour on business days. Call us at 305-445-6480 or we will call you to schedule when we receive your order.

Price includes proctoring fee to take the exam virtually via an online testing environment.

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