When making a line of text, dimension, or hatch, we default to creating them at fixed sizes. If we were to show the same objects at different scales, they would change in size. We’d have to create multiple hatches with different sizes in order to accommodate multiple viewports with unique scales.

To mitigate this tedious process, we can create annotative objects and set their size to remain fixed no matter what scale a viewport is set to. Text will be 3/32″ tall regardless of what scale is used, allowing our drawings to remain standardized and easy to view. Hatches will maintain the same “density” as well. Our Dimension Style Manager can help us choose exactly how we want our annotative objects to print.

This video uses examples to demonstrate the benefits of using annotative objects in AutoCAD. For more information, please contact us at info@ddscad.com

Digital Drafting Systems – Annotative Hatching & The Dimension Style Manager in AutoCAD

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