Revit is a complex tool that allows users to model buildings and objects. We can use simple extrusions and void forms to create unique components, but Revit offers a robust set of flexible parameters that allow us to create objects that can expand and contract.

Want to make furniture that can fit any space? Want to test the size of a cabinet or sofa in different locations? With the right parameters and procedures, we can create complex families that can change according to our specific needs. There’s no need to make the same family in different sizes: We can use one family and modify it per project.

With the help of a few modeling steps and some formulas, we can even increase or reduce the number of smaller components that exist within our families, such as shelves or drawers.

This video showcases Revit’s sophisticated parameters, and how to utilize them to create a parametric display case. For more information, please contact us at

Digital Drafting Systems – Creating a Parametric Family with Revit

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