We can model sinks in counter tops, recessed lights in ceilings, and other objects that require perforations in their “host” object. We can use a counter top with a sink hole in it, but if we wanted to adjust the sink’s location, we would have to adjust the counter top’s sink hole to match the location of the sink.

Revit 2021 includes a new parameter that saves us time and allows us to create families with their own voids that can cut into their host objects. By turning off “Cut Geometry” for the void in the family, it won’t cut its family’s geometry: It will cut other objects in other families if we allow it to do so with the new “Cut with Voids When Loading” parameter.

Placing and adjusting families in their host objects has become more flexible in Revit 2021. For more information, please contact us at info@ddscad.com

Digital Drafting Systems – Creating Cuts with Voids using Revit

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