We can create areas and volumes in Revu, but in some instances, it would be convenient to make both at the same time. What if we could expedite the process even further by automatically creating areas within walls and other vector lines? Revu’s Dynamic Fill tool makes this process easy, and seemingly magical.

The Dynamic Fill tool can combine multiple measurements and create them simultaneously. We can adjust our boundaries to accommodate for open doorways, and once our settings are adjusted to increase or decrease our sensitivity to existing lines, we can make accurate calculations. After an area is created, we can adjust it by adding and removing grips. Once we turn the “Snap To Content” tool on, we can ensure that our areas snap to key points on our vector lines and intersections.

This video demonstrates Revu’s Dynamic Fill tool and how to use it to create accurate measurements quickly. For more information, please contact us at info@ddscad.com.

Digital Drafting Systems – Dynamic Fills & Manipulating Measurements in Bluebeam Revu

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