Commands within AutoCAD usually refine our workflows, but they can also improve our user experience and interface. Some commands are undocumented and not part of the main command list. The “Status Bar Auto Wrap” command is one example.

If you’re using AutoCAD on a laptop or small display, you might notice that the status bar will automatically adjust its location. This is based on several factors, including the dynamic coordinate box which changes based on your cursor’s location. To fix this, we can use the StatusBarAutoWrap command (Along with the “Dock Above Status Bar” function to cease its movement.

As a bonus, we’ll also demonstrate the “Zoom Factor” command and how it can help you manage your mouse wheel’s “clicks”.

This video will show how different commands can help improve your user experience when using AutoCAD. For more information, please contact us at

Digital Drafting Systems – Status Bar Auto Wrap & Zoom Factor Commands in AutoCAD

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