We can not only modify AutoCAD’s interface, but we can also change each command’s visible functions and data. A subtle command called “NOMUTT” allows us to toggle between two different visibility styles when we use commands. The term “muttering” refers to certain command options that contain numerous settings, options, and parameters that can be modified while using a command.

The “NOMUTT” command has two options: The number “0” will allow “mutterings” to be visible, and the number “1” will show the command’s current parameters and hide the visibility of mutterings. Advanced users of AutoCAD can remember the muttering options and toggle them off, giving them easy access to the current parameters and still allowing them to access a command’s options/mutterings.

This tutorial demonstrates usage of the NOMUTT command in AutoCAD. For more information, please contact us at info@ddscad.com

Digital Drafting SYstems – The NOMUTT Command in AutoCAD

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