Customer challenge

G Alvarez Studio approached DDSCAD as a legacy Autodesk AutoCAD customer, who was highly interested in adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM), while maintaining the traditional appeal of their custom in-house graphic CAD standards.

Project goals

G Alvarez Studio wanted to train its production staff to use Autodesk Revit (BIM) software to successfully complete an active project, while minimizing the financial impacts to the project during the learning curve.


DDSCAD conducted a thorough phone interview with G Alvarez Studio to understand their current level of BIM Maturity, as well as evaluating two recent projects. Based on this evaluation, DDSCAD proposed the development of a custom Revit Template that adhered to their in-house standards combined with National CAD/BIM Standards. A custom training syllabus focused on a “hands-on” training project exercise that resembled the scope of work of their most recent project win was also developed.

Business outcome

G Alvarez found that they were able to produce a high quality deliverable faster and more efficiently with the use of the newly developed template and workflows. This was not only beneficial for the training projects but the benefits were significantly felt in other active projects as well.


DDSCAD was able to successfully develop G Alvarez Studio’s custom Revit Template file, which included a vast majority of G Alvarez Studio’s standard content (i.e. standard details, sheets, families, etc.) in native Revit format. The custom training was conducted using the custom-built Revit Template and was provided over several weekends, to accommodate the customer’s needs of minimizing the impact to their production studio.

Project summary


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