Customer challenge

Prime Design wanted to expand their collaborative abilities beyond the confines of the office. They wanted to enable some of their employees with more diverse schedules to be able to continue to collaborate from home and they wanted to open the door to collaborating in models shared with and linked to those used by other companies as well. Additionally Prime Design was looking for a cloud storage solution in order to best protect their files and projects.

Project goals

The goal of this project was to get Prime Design to expand remote collaboration workflows on Revit Projects. By doing so they would gain the flexibility in their collaborative workflow to allow employees to work from home as well as to collaborate with other external stakeholders.


The solution that DDSCAD established to solve the challenges best, was the addition of BIM 360 Design licenses for each user along with their existing AEC Collection licenses. DDSCAD’s implementation team worked with Prime Design to assign the necessary licenses, train the users on project setup and best practices and ultimately work on creation of the first pilot projects to be uploaded to the BIM 360 platform. DDSCAD continues providing support as well.

Business outcome

Prime Design’s collaboration process before introducing BIM 360 was slower and more cumbersome than was ideal and ultimately it made collaboration difficult. BIM 360 not only opened doors for collaboration outside of Prime Design but also allowed for more flexibility for collaboration on internal projects as well.


Spending time understanding the needs and problems faced by Prime Design, the Digital Drafting Systems team was able to come up with solutions to overcome and eliminate these gaps. Using this expertise not only to recommend solutions but also to train users and help adapt workflows based on these new solutions, DDSCAD has significantly affected the way Prime Design works. This partnership has been instrumental in the increase of efficiency, productivity and understanding of the power of BIM 360.

Project summary


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