Customer challenge

REG Architects started their transition journey to BIM a few years back, realigning their focus on Revit as a defacto platform in mid-April of 2021. In February this year, REG’s Management wanted to provide their Design Team with the opportunity to enhance their Revit Workflows and expand the team’s knowledge in areas like Design Development and Construction Documentation. Productivity is paramount at REG Architects, and a refresh of specific Revit Concepts and Workflows for their team was at hand.

Project goals

REG Architects wanted to reduce errors and omissions by having their team achieve a better understanding of Revit tools and workflows. REG Architects’ management would provide a schedule for their designers to work with a consultant(s) from DDSCAD. Investing the time to improve their team’s skills in Revit would pay off by driving better productivity. Coaching was identified as the best way to help their team. Improvements were expected in the areas of Design Development and Construction Documentation.


Digital Drafting Systems, Inc (DDSCAD) conducted discovery calls with REG’s design team to have a better understanding of the services to be provided. The team of 12 designers was divided into two groups for which DDSCAD provided 4 sessions of 2 Hrs. of customized coaching for each group over four weeks. 

Live “hands-on” training using Revit was provided on focused topics such as:

  • Reference Planes
  • Schedules
  • Shared Parameters
  • Legends & KeyNotes
  • Worksets
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Linking Consultant Files
  • Visibility Graphics
  • View Templates
  • Detail Components
  • Many other productivity enhancements

Business outcome

REG Architects’ design team was provided with Revit knowledge enhancements that translated into efficiency in their design and documentation processes. This in turn allowed the team to produce higher-quality deliverables faster leveraging the power of Building Information Modeling and Parametric Design. The team at REG was able to improve design and production time by shortening the design process documentation, and also by improving quality at the same time. Their deliverables productivity was improved by about 20%, which comes from reduced hours of work per project.


DDSCAD was able to successfully impart knowledge to optimize key area workflows of Design and Production using Revit at REG Architects. Management was glad to have invested in these services which benefited their team and their company. The hybrid coaching/training approach proved to be an effective method to improve their team’s productivity and the quality of their CAD/BIM deliverables

Project summary


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