AutoCAD 2022 is packed full of value. Join to learn how you can drive your designs forward and use AutoCAD to streamline drawing review cycles, improve your collaboration process, reduce errors with automated features, speed work, and more.

Gain insight into how you can benefit from the newest features and functionality of AutoCAD 2022:
1. Speed up work
2. Streamline the review process
3. Improve digital collaboration
4. Automate tasks to reduce errors
5. Expand workflows within Autodesk

Some Top Improvements in AutoCAD 2022:
1. Floating windows: View and edit two drawings at the same time in fully functional windows side by side, or on multiple monitors. No need to open another instance of AutoCAD.
2. Customizable installation: Reduce the amount of time setting up your software with faster and customizable installations. You can even work in AutoCAD while it’s being installed.
3. Enhanced 2D and 3D performance: Pan and zoom faster in real-time. Experience automatic regeneration operations for a smoother experience. More responsive in 3D orbit, pan, and zoom operations.

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Digital Drafting Systems – What’s New in AutoCAD 2022 – Webinar


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